Raptor Transporter Dumper


CODE: 3000912

MODEL: Raptor transporter Dumper


Our transporters are different from those of the competition since they have 6 drive wheels that allow you to overcome extreme slopes thanks to the high grip tire that also as shock absorbers reducing vibration. this type of transmission minimizes maintenance operations. The drive components are locates whithin a sturdy frame that protects them from external agents, allowing then a longer life. The greater height from the ground allows the use of this equipment in any condition of use.

Raptor Transporter Dumper was developed mainly for the use in the construction industry to transport sand or any types of material.


Motor: Honda GX200 4T benzina; 4,8KW 3600 rpm; enveloping starter rope;

Transmission: hydrostatic;

Machine Dimensions: L 1700 mm; W 800 mm;  H 1070 mm;

Type of box: Dumper; L 1300 mm – W 790 mm – H 390 mm; Capacity 400 l;

Tipping system: hydraulic;

Empty weight: 280 Kg;

Forward/reverse speed: 2,7 Km/h;

Weight transportable in a flat surface: 500 kg;

Uphill gradient full load (440 kg): 20° (37%);

Uphill gradient empty: 40° (84%);

Side gradient: 15° (26%);