SE600 Hobby

SE600 Hobby

CODE: 3005550

MODEL: SE600 Hobby


The model SE 600 HOBBY is an easy to use tool that allows you to obtain plates of various thickness by adjusting the cutting depth of the machine in a very simple way. The structure in formed by electro-welded steel and aluminum. Overall, this guarantees lightness but also strenght. This model is especially suitable for non-experts in the industry and it is used in the hobby field.


Dimensions: L 650 mm; W 300 mm; H 450 mm;

Weight: 7kg;

Max logs diameter: 500 mm;

How to use:

1) It is fixed with the appropriate terminals of the saw blade on your SE600 Hobbies
2) It supports a scale (rather than aluminum) and fix it with screws on top of the trunk to be cut
3) It supports the frame SE600 (the two aluminum profiles) above the ladder to slide and make the first cut
4) After making the first cut leans directly on the trunk and cut it continues with the subsequent cuts.