VA1224 Winch

VA1224 Winch

CODE: 3000040



The winch mod. VA 1224 is the basic model of our entire range: it is equipped with an automatic brake and clutch safety. It can be used for all the needs and by a broad target group. Although it is the basic model it has a high towing capacity, in addition it is very sturdy and it has a strength and an engine power equivalent to the other models in the DVA.


Dimensions: L 550mm; W 260mm; H 290mm;

Weight with motor: 27Kg;

Length wire ropefune: Ø4 mm 70 m; Ø5 mm 50 m; Ø6 mm 35 m;

Force max: 1350Kg;

Second gear traction: 2600Kg;

Brake: manual;

Motor power: 2,7 CV [2 KW];

Speed: 25 m/min.;