2020 MARINE Model


The MARINE model is the first professional nautical winch used for submerged weights recovering, such as anchors on the seabed, for fishing use for the recovery of nets and fish traps or in the context of sailing competitions. It can also be used in salt water as the manufacturing is entirely in stainless steel.

It's equipped with a quick release that allows the driving of the gear engagement and disengagement as well as the insert and release of the reel which can be completely removed. It's also equipped with a winch releaser, that anchored on the boat, allows the controlled release of the reel.

code 2020470
weight 34 kg
direct shot 600 kg
medium winding speed 35 m / min.
drum capacity Ø4 mm x 500 m
engine HONDA 4T - 35,8 cc
power 1,3 kw / 7000 rpm
brake semi-automatic
dimensions L 630 mm; W 440 mm; H 360 mm

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